Rent the Dress For Less

As we all know the wedding dress is one of the most exciting and fun things to purchase for your wedding day. I mean who wouldn’t go try on wedding dresses just for fun even if you weren’t getting married. However we also know that wedding dresses and weddings can become expensive pretty quickly. Not only just for you but all of your bridesmaids as well! Dress, shoes, gifts, parties, it all adds up. We love our girls and I know I wouldn’t want to take them for them going broke for my wedding, and this trick can save the bride some much needed cash as well.

Why should the boys be the only who get to rent their wedding attire, am I right? Here is the solution, Rent the Runway. Even is you do purchase your wedding dress think about all the other occasions involved with your wedding you will need dresses for; engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner. That’s going to add up quick! Why not have to opportunity to wear a designer dress to every single one with out breaking the bank, genius! In addition your bridesmaids can also have fabulous designer dresses for the wedding(and no worries about never wearing it again), but they even have dresses for mom as well. Not only do they have the dresses but accessories and shoes as well, so go crazy girls!

These are only any extremely small sample of what they have to offer and totally drool worthy. Now you may be saying well how does this work, what if it doesn’t fit? They have it all covered, below are some basics about how it works, for the full breakdown click here. You can also read reviews from other renters on how it fits to help you gauge which dress to buy.

1. Find It: Filter by color, length, trend and more to find the best look. We have thousands of dresses from 250+ designers.

2. Reserve It: Choose a delivery and return date, and rent for 4 or 8 days. Add a backup size for free and you can also add a different dress for $32.50.

3. Receive It: The dress will be delivered via UPS or courier service (available for Manhattan addresses below 125th Street) to your home, office or hotel by 8pm on your delivery date.

4. Return It: Returns are free! Place items in the provided packaging (which includes a pre-paid label). Take the packaging to a UPS drop box or RTR store by 12pm on your rental return date. We’ll handle the dry cleaning.

I personally have rented dresses for special occasions from them and was so pleased with my dress. It makes your day to get the chance to wear something really special. So give it a try ladies, I know you’ll love it!!